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About us

Our cat shelter was established in October 2006 with the objective to find new homes for cats living in the Diepensee area. During a resettlement operation back then, a whole village was being relocated owing to the construction of the new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BBA). After rehoming all the cats living there, we continued our work in the protection and adoption of cats in and around Berlin.

At our shelter, animals’ needs come first. 

Some of our cats have been through a lot; they mourn their lost homes and miss their guardians or animal friends. In our rehoming process, we make sure that the animals’ needs are met.”

We’re a small, transparent shelter looking after our cats individually. Our cats receive a lot of attention and affection, so we can build a trust-based relationship with them. Whatever they’ve gone through, they can overcome that experience quicker and better this way. Once we get to know them closely, we can make well-considered recommendations to prospective guardians for cat and human relationship that last.

We take all the necessary medical precautions, socialize the cats and look after them closely in small, stress-free groups. Feeding high-quality cat food is just as natural as regular playtimes and a diverse environment full of adventures.

Our most important aim is responsible adoption into a suitable and loving home.

There’s no room for rush at our place. Take your time – just like we do.


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