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What is a guardian angel?

A guardian angel is an animal lover with a big heart but not necessarily deep pockets. As a guardian angel you can support our work with a donation of only 5 Euros a month:

You help animals have a nice home during their stay at our shelter.
You ensure that our animals receive all the veterinary care they need.
You ensure a species-appropriate and high-quality diet.
In fact, you ensure that we can find loving homes with responsible guardians for our cats.

As a thank-you, you will receive an exclusive Guardian Angel Certificate and regular information about our shelter if you wish.

I want to be a guardian angel!

We are almost Guardian Angels:

Sabine Schreyer from Berlin, Annegret Garten from Dresden, Tessa Wendt from Berlin, Kathrin H. from Berlin, Alissa Rohrbach from Berlin, Claire Vincent from Berlin, Ulrich Hinterberg from Arnstadt, Martin Traue from Arnstadt, Antje Gutzschebauch from Berlin, Rita Wonneberger from Berlin, Franziska Hergert from Berlin, Franka Schneider from Berlin, Morgan Mooney from Berlin, Sonja from Berlin, L. from B., Dennis Schüller from Berlin