Professional adoption and consulting

Cat Basics

As a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals we believe in a philosophy that is easy to understand and plausible and that has the animal’s wellbeing in mind. We believe that all animals have specific interests and needs and the right to see them fulfilled. Unfortunately, it is often not possible for them to look after their interests themselves, and that’s where we human beings with our ability to use our common sense come in.

As human beings we are able to recognize animals’s needs and make sure they are fulfilled. Our reward for this is the certainty that we have helped a sensitive being to find a little happiness.

Our association believes in the following principles, which are binding for all persons involved:

In our view, all animals that live with and around us have the right to be kept in a species-appropriate environment, to be fed an appropriate diet and to live a life without exploitation.
If a cat falls ill we focus on the long-term welfare of the animal. This is why we prefer holistic approaches that don’t treat the symptoms but the causes of an illness.
Our philosophy is not based on dogmas but common sense. This requires us to be critical and develop a healthy amount of scepticism, particularly when choosing food products but also veterinarians or therapists for our animals.
Our association makes its decisions freely and independently.

This philosophy is the foundation of the guidelines that we follow when admitting cats to our association, caring for them and then placing them in loving homes.

This is how we can make decisions with a clear conscience, even if they are not met with approval by everybody affected. We pursue a very simple aim: the wellbeing of every animal that we are responsible for.