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Lilly & Clemens (*2004)


The siblings went through a true odyssey, but nevertheless they are full of joy. Clemens has diabetes and needs experienced handling, meaning regular measurements and careful injections. He is usually very cooperative.

Lilly was diagnosed with a chronic kidney disease requiring regular infusions. Despite their diseases, both of them are joyful and marvellous. Lilly loves some hustle and bustle around her – a few more people or kids can make life only better for her, that’s what really cheers her up. Clemens likes it a touch calmer, he’s a very cuddly cat.

We needed to get them very competent treatment to see their conditions stabilized. Especially Clemens required a careful adjustment of medication, so we took both of them to a specialist in München where they receive the love, food and care they need. As for Clemens, we even have well-founded hopes of a remission, meaning that he won’t need insulin shots in the future – but regular checks remain a must. Our shelter covers the costs, so we’re especially grateful for supports. Help and support in any form is welcome!

In case of an adoption to a loving and competent home, we’re ready to provide financial support in the future too.


Clemens needs a new supporter.
Lilly’s supporter is Edith Knopke. Thank you Edith for your loyal support. It is life saving in this case.

Clemens’ supporter is Kathrin T. - our miracle supporter, whose supports has so far always lead to a quick adoption.




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