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Donations in kind

If you’d like to donate goods, please get in contact with us beforehand, because we have restricted storage facilities only. We need the following items regularly:

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

Cat trees in very good condition

Large (!) transport boxes

Large (!) cat litter boxes

Cat food donations – We use donated cat food only if the food is species-appropriate. However, we also need commercial cat food for our cats in transitional phases. We donate excess commercial cat food, mainly dry food to other shelters and privately operated feeding stations across Berlin. Your food donation will be used in animal protection in each and every case.

If you have other donations in mind please get in contact with us first.


Project-related donations

If you’d like to support our work in a particular project, we can set it up in a way to effectively communicate you to the public. Project-related donations have a factual connection to a particular project and will be used for this particular project exclusively. If this is what you have in mind, we will individually support you in communicating your donation:

Do not hesitate to contact us. Do something good and talk about it. We are providing actual support for you in doing so. Our current projects which we need support for is for example the

renovation of our shelter’s rooms

  • Preparation of the donation documentation including the project description
  • Detailed listing about the cost components of the project
  • Your name or your company’s name mentioned on our website or in our shelter window

We’ve renovated one or our rooms completely, the rest are still to follow. Renovation works include:

  • Plastering the walls with interior plaster
  • Renovating the floors
  • Renewing all the skirting boards
  • Painting the ceilings and the walls (including the special coating of areas prone to be marked with urine)
  • Building catwalks
  • Building cat climbers
  • Varnishing all wooden surfaces (doors, catwalks)
  • Creating reading corners (chairs, tables, shelves)
  • Lighting

Other donation options are the booth fee at the Rixdorf Christmas market, the booth costs at the vegan-vegetarian street festival, or financing a banner or a flyer. Imagination has no limits – talk to us.


Do you have questions about project-related donations or donations in kind?