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Membership is a very close form of support. We offer three different forms of membership:

Active members

Active members* provide support by actively working for the shelter. Such support involves working shifts at the shelter, completing post-adoption visits at new guardians’ homes, helping out at street festivals, taking photos, supporting renovation works, etc.

Supporting members

Supporting members help us  with financial  assistance. The minimum amount is the same as for active members, but this form of membership involves no additional obligations whatsoever. It does not come with the right to vote.

Honorary members

Honorary members are granted membership as a sign of our special appreciation. This is how e.g. all our cat sponsors automatically receive honorary membership for the time of their sponsorship. This form of membership does not involve additional obligations either.

We are happy about you joining us – and if you are especially good at something or you like doing something very much, let us know. We are thrilled if our members contribute their own individual strengths to the benefit of the shelter.

* Active membership costs 30 Euro per year or 5 Euro per month, but higher amounts are welcome. Active membership requires the agreement of the members of the board and entitles the member to participate at voting events.