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If you decide to sponsor one of our cats, you choose a remarkably individual form of support. For various reasons, many cannot keep pets at home, while others choose not to; and they find sponsorship a good alternative.

Sponsorship is more than financial commitment, because you choose one of our cats to sponsor and build a loving relationship with this kitty in particular. A complete sponsorship costs 25 Euro per month, while a partial sponsorship is 12,50 Euro monthly. With this sum, you can cover the food and litter costs of your “sponsor child”.

You can always visit your sponsor kitty after making an appointment, and you also receive a sponsor certificate with the photo of your sponsor cat on it.

Sponsorship is always temporary, as it ends with the cat’s adoption, but until that time you’re providing significant support to your sponsor cat along the way.

A sponsorship clearly helps the cat mentally too.

Some cats get visibly happier after finding a sponsor. In many of the cases, we manage to rehome a cat only when the kitty already has a sponsor.

We don’t want to seem superstitious here but that’s what we see happening again and again.

More questions about sponsorship?

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