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Aimi & Léon (*April, 2003 and *April 2004)


Aimi and Léon are an outstandingly affectionate mother and son. They shower people with purrs and attention that they both need just the same. They approach us bipeds full of trust asking for cuddles, snuggles and playtimes.

Léon is the more adventurous of the two, and despite his fragile body, he climbs the highest of heights and feels just fine on the top of high cat trees. Our Aimi prefers it a little calmer: she rewards people cuddling her with loud purrs. She is somewhat less curious than her son.

Léon is not very photogenic at the moment because we had to have his body shaved completely. His coat was in such poor condition that no brush and comb could fix it but his fur is now growing nicely. His mom, Aimi could keep her coat but needed a lot of help from us at the shelter.

They definitely enjoy grooming, so they’ll be able to present themselves in their wonderful coats in the near future.

Luckily, neither of them suffers from tear duct issues – like many Persians do.
They are balanced, calm and fit.

Their guardians should have lots of time for cuddles and snuggles – they just can’t get enough of that.


Aimi and Léon are still looking for supporters.


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