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Katinka & Kira, and Kiana & Kalle (all of them *May, 2011)


These four siblings come from an animal activist from Werder, where they lived in an extra room, but couldn’t be rehomed from there.

Katinka and Kira are our two tiger ladies. Katinka is the most sociable of the four. She is cuddly, playful, very curious, and is happy to be thoroughly cuddled. Kira is just as curious and playful but prefers to be touched by humans she herself has chosen; yet she likes the company of humans. Kalle is their large brother and shows us clearly that curiosity runs in the family. He shows other cats what he wants, but he’s extremely playful with people. When someone wins his trust, he clearly enjoys a good cuddle.

Kiana is the shiest of the four and needs some more time to feel at ease. She loves to play with danglers and lets herself cuddled by a lucky few.

What they all have in common is that they’re by no means daredevils. They react sensitively to loud noises and prefer to hide, but their curiosity is insatiable. We’re happy to see them making progress every single day.

We rehome them in pairs only. If you’d like to give a forever home to all four of them, an access to the outside world is a must.

Other combinations are: Katinka & Kira, and Kiana & Kalle.


Kalle’s sponsor is Coni Pfeiffer – dear Coni, thank you!
Jana is Kiana’s sponsor - what a rhyme, Jana; just perfect, thank you!


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