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Mauzi & Felix (both of them *2008)


Mauzi and Felix had to leave their home owing to severe allergy. They live at their foster home now. Mauzi is a beautiful tricolored kitty bringing a smile to everyone’s face looking at her. She’s cuddly and gentle. She likes spending her days purring on a soft pillow by the window. Mauzi is affectionate without being annoying or overly demanding. She’s a lovely kitty, a bundle of fun. A chest massage in the evening and both kitty and human are as happy as can be.

Felix is very agile and approaches people full of trust. He’s our black whirlwind; always ready to play, extremely curious and adventurous. He’s very cuddly and to make this clear he would jump into the arms of his beloved human or lie around his neck.

They complete each other beautifully; they are a perfectly uncomplicated pair of kitties. You can get to know them closer at their foster family. They live there with a dog and kids, so such a combination is very much possible in the future too. We’re happy to make an appointment for you there.


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