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Paul (*May, 2003)


Paul has no reservations against humans or other animals. He’s cautious and careful but friendly. Although he lived alone for quite a while he speaks ‘Cat’ well. Paul really likes people, but most of all he loves to be with his ‘human’. Paul is overweight and needs to get more active. He’s already losing weight slowly in small steps. As he - despite his overweight - has a true drive to move, it won’t be difficult for him to keep getting slimmer.

Paul should be rehomed as a single cat, where his ‘human’ has a lot of time and can provide action for him. Paul is a potentially great candidate for clicker training.
If you’d like to see Paul, we’re happy to make an appointment for you at his foster family. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


One of Paul’s sponsors is BiBi Schuchardt. She’s been keeping her fingers crossed for Paul since March 2013.

Paul’s other sponsor is Anna Fromhage since June 2013. Anna is now Gini’s guardian (formerly known as Jeannie at our shelter), wishing Paul a home just as lovely as Gini’s.


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