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Rumpel & Mikosch (both of them *February, 2007)


Rumpel, the tabby is the more reserved kitty of the two. Once more relaxed about his environment, he’s very active and playful. At present, he withdraws more often but enjoys cuddles and caresses a lot.

Mikosch is our Prince Charming, definitely one of a kind. On the one hand, he pays attention to his brother Rumpel if he’s afraid of something; on the other hand, he likes humans around and if he gets the chance, he casts a spell on us with his charm.

Mikosch needs to lose a little weight because he was definitely overweight when he arrived to us. Right now we are transitioning him – like all the cats at our shelter – to high-quality food to make this process easier.


Rumpel and Mikosch are looking for supporters.


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