My cat does not eat that

7 suggestions for a change of the cat’s diet

Why are you reading this? We scour the Internet looking for the best food, study product information in ant writing with a magnifying glass, compare, weigh and then finally there is good-smelling, fine-looking food on the plate.  

And in front of the kitty’s nose.

What follows now needs no explanation, and the interested readership will know it, and no, you are not alone in this …

Ignore, meow in offense, scuffle, walk away quietly; the range of our efforts to melt into dust is wide. And the list of our disappointments one entry longer. Therefore, here are seven tried and tested ways of thinking and tips:


Choose a realistic time frame

Two to twelve weeks should be estimated for a sustainable feed change.


Allow sufficient time

Putting down a filled bowl and leaving kitty alone usually won't work.

So you will make it a small event. Keep your cat company, praise and talk to her. This will arouse her curiosity about the new thing.


Optimize bowl

Too deep or narrow bowls make the tactile hairs of your cat constantly bump against the edge, which hurts our pets, because the whiskers are very sensitive.  

Also hearts and funny cats give the bowl attractiveness only in our eyes, but do not make it better. A flat plate like a saucer or a dessert bowl are great for serving food in a stylish and healthy way.


Set meal times

Cats that always have access to food at all times lose their natural hunger pangs. So away with dry food / treats and creamy treats! 

No snacks in between meals.
 Yes, this is hard because she looks so cute.  Just a piece is yes a healthy treat ... and already lost ....  


Offer small portions

Our cats are carnivores and hunt mainly smaller prey, weighing about 15 to 40 grams. Over the millennia that they have been with us, nothing has changed in their genetic makeup. Their stomach is small, mini tigers that is. Therefore, a meal should not weigh more than sixty grams. In the changeover phase, rather less on the little plate, but feed more once. 


Conceal unfamiliar food

At the beginning, put a maximum of half a teaspoon of new food on the plate, the usual, mega-loved and irresistible food comes on top. Please do not mix it. We want to mask the new food, it should not be recognized or, more precisely, sniffed. 

Heroes with masks, like Batman, Flash and Co, give here the template


Create a topping

Finely ground, admittedly unhealthy, treats, crumbled freeze-dried meat/fish, yeast flakes, there are no limits to the imagination and taste of the kitty here. Important here, powder over with a light hand. Again, the familiar smell should animate our pussycat to eat.


Last but not least

All new feeding times / bowls, make our house tiger suspicious. Before, if necessary, optimize.

Even with a big hello announced new food makes our darling prick up his ears. There is something wrong ... 

An insufficient consequence on our part, does her rest to it 😉
But we can work on it

Good luck and bon appétit wish your Samtpfoten

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